With years as a sought-after model, queen of the runway, magazine cover girl and centerfold, as well as a powerful and influential product endorser, Cindy Crawford is indeed a beauty icon. Her ageless face continues to marvel millions of women who dream of that beauty that never fades. This is the reason why the supermodel came up with her own line of products in the beauty industry. In collaboration with her dermatologist, Dr. jean-Louis Sebagh, Cindy Crawford established Meaningful Beauty that now offers the Cindy Crawford Skin Care system.

Cindy Crawford was Dr. Sebagh’s patient for years. The dermatologist took care of the skin care needs of the supermodel to make sure that her skin is kept healthy and radiant despite the stressful work brought about by constant travel and modeling as well as the damaging effects of make up, pollution, and sunlight. With his years of experimentation and scientific studies, Dr. Sebagh came up with a very unique formula that he has been using to keep the skin of Cindy Crawford fresh, young looking, and radiant. His key ingredient is derived from a rare melon that grows in the southern region of France. This ingredient is high in antioxidants, the most potent antioxidant ever, which is responsible in slowing down the breakdown of collagen as well as prevent the damaging effects of free radicals. Then came the Cindy Crawford Skin Care line of products.

The Cindy Crawford Skin Care system is distributed by the model’s Meaningful Beauty in partnership with its marketing arm Guthy-Renker, a TV company that specializes in product marketing and sales through cable TV, telemarketing, direct mail, as well as through the Internet and retail outlets. The beauty products from Meaningful Beauty all contain the powerful serum derived from this remarkable French melon. The cleansers all come with fragrance-free, non-foaming and gentle formulation very ideal for both night and day use. It also comes with two sets of moisturizers one with an SPF of 20, ideal for use during the day. The evening moisturizer on the other hand is described as rich and luxurious ideal for the sensual evening feel but still very lightweight compared to sticky and greasy evening moisturizers and lotions. The beauty mask on the other hand, is an effective exfoliant when used at least one a week. This also includes an eye cream that has hydrating effects as it removes fine lines and even outs the tone of the skin around the eyes. Among the products of the Cindy Crawford Skin Care that continues to receive rave and positive reviews is the Glowing Serum. Aside from the powerful ingredient extracted from that French melon, it also has soy proteins and marine botanical elements all combined to achieve that smooth, radiant, and soft skin that provides the young looking effect.

The Cindy Crawford Skin Care products are currently offered at a very reasonable price of $29.95 primarily through the internet. This is the realization of Cindy Crawford’s dream to share with her avid followers and all women in the world her secrets to staying young with a healthy and vibrant skin.