Not only did she grace the famous catwalks in fashion centers in the world, she has a face that launched various products not only those in line with the beauty industry such as her Cindy Crawford Skin Care line, but also other branded consumer products such as Pepsi. With her stint as a model, one of the things that she had to invest on was her skin. Being a model, she had to consistently project her image as someone who takes care of her skin especially so that she was in the beauty industry. However, there were several factors that threatened her skin such as long hours of travel, hours on the runway that sometimes would not allow her to have some good sleep, she would also of course endure those hours under heavy make up that she had to have a beauty regimen that does not only protect her skin but also reduces aging that these harmful factors brought.

To address her skin product needs in the midst of her busy schedule as a runway model and product endorser, the beauty teamed up with top-notch European dermatologist and skin expert Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh who had had an exclusive formula for her. It was very essential that the Cindy Crawford skin care regimen had all the necessary ingredients that would fight signs of aging. The French doctor has been specializing in his work in the anti-aging technology and was just the perfect dermatologist for the model. With their years of partnership, she thought about sharing this effective regimen to women all over the world. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she established Meaningful Beauty along with media partner Guthy-Renker, a television company that carried the marketing sales arm of this skin product system through television product sales, telemarketing, direct mail, retail outlets, as well as a major campaign through the Internet. This marked the birth of the Cindy Crawford Skin Care system.

Meaningful Beauty is the realization of her’s dream to share with women around the world her secret in beauty and anti-aging. Cindy Crawford Skin Care with her lines of beauty products offers her age maintenance system without any exclusivity and at a very affordable price. Her sophisticated beauty treatment collection is result of years of fine-tuning the formula of Dr. Sebagh. This elaborate formulation of rare ingredients is tested through scientific findings producing a vet anti-oxidant-rich formula aimed at fighting free radicals thus, reducing the signs of aging. This antioxidant is called superoxide dismutase and is found in rare lemons endemic to the southern region of France. In addition to this antioxidant, Dr. Sebagh’s years of study and experimentation also includes the following ingredients in his formula: co-enzyme Q10, lipoic acid, and minerals.

Despite the sophistication of the Cindy Crawford Skin Care line of beauty products through her Meaningful Beauty combined with Dr. Sebagh’s expertise in the field, the model made sure that her quality skincare is affordable for all kinds of budgets. The beauty system is at a retail price of $29.95 a month but this entire line for this affordable price actually lasts you more than a month. Comparably, Meaningful Beauty is better priced than any other beauty products from the drugstore that would last you exactly a month or something very expensive bought at a very high-end store in the mall that last you almost as long as you finish an entire $29.95 worth of Meaningful Beauty package.