This catwalk queen remains one of the most adored icons of beauty in the world. Blessed with stunning looks and the perfect physical features, she once ruled the runway. She was one of the most sought-after models during her time and her face launched a thousand endorsements. Now her command is on a different line in the beauty industry with Cindy Crawford skin care products.

Being a topnotch model herself, she knows how much a good and healthy skin is essential to beauty as much as a beautiful skin, a perfect figure, and a beautiful wardrobe. During her stint as a model, she had a very busy schedule gracing catwalks all over the world that involved long travel hours, heavy make ups during runway shows and photo shoots, and facing the media. This busy schedule took a negative toll on her skin. Knowing how much this can hasten the aging process as well as affect her skin’s radiance, she took her initiative to discover the best ways to take care of the skin, maintain its radiance and be able to slow down the aging process.

To help her take care of her skin needs, she consulted Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh, one of the premier cosmetic doctors in Europe. This dermatological expert specializes in the preservation of the skin’s vitality and vibrancy without going under the knife. Dr. Sebagh treats celebrities and other famous personalities and his “age maintenance” skin-care techniques with the use of vitamin and antioxidant injections was a sought-after method in slowing down the aging process. She witnessed the effective results of the formula of Dr. Sebagh and she thought of exploring the possibilities of bottling the formula and market it as a skin product formula. After several formulations and testing, Dr. Sebagh came out with the desired result. With the success of this formula on her daily regimen, she came up with the Cindy Crawford skin care line with Dr. Sebagh. They called it Meaningful Beauty in partnership with Guthy Renker, which acted as the media partner in marketing the products. This partner marketed the beauty products through television. Meaningful Beauty also started to offer the beauty products through direct mail, telemarketing, and the Internet and through several retail outlets.

The beauty products under the Cindy Crawford Skin Care system combine the sophistication and the cutting-edge formula born out of several scientific findings that Dr. Sebagh came up with. Its key ingredients have powerful antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals, which are responsible for damaging skin cells. All of these ingredients that form the powerful formulation help in rejuvenating and restoring the radiance of the skin while acting to prevent aging. Among these ingredients though, the most important element is a melon called cantaloupe charentais, which is grown in the southern region of France. This, according to the scientific research that produced the powerful formula of the Cindy Crawford skin care line of beauty products is responsible in the breakdown of collagen and the destruction of free radicals that hasten the aging process of the skin.

Aside from infomercials and television endorsements, the Meaningful Beauty products and care system of the model can be purchased exclusively on the web. The product offers an introductory 30-day Cindy Crawford Skin Care kit worth $29.95.